Weston McElwee

Executive Chef & Owner

Weston’s passion for food began to develop long before he chose a career in the culinary world. His first job was at Maxwell’s Market, which is just down the street from Tejas. There, at the age of 16, he received an introduction to food prep and interacting with hungry patrons, and his love for the two was born.

After a brief stint at Louisiana Tech, during which he found himself skipping classes to spend more time cooking at various restaurants including the local dive The Dawghouse, he realized that culinary school was only logical option for him. He moved to Baton Rouge, enrolled in the Culinary Arts Institute of Louisiana, and worked at the prestigious J. Alexander’s restaurant.

Upon graduation he returned to Shreveport, where he built up his reputation for an exciting, innovative culinary style while working at several of the best restaurants in town.

After buying into and growing beloved local eatery Bella Fresca, and founding Bella Fresca Bistro, he started to feel the itch for a new challenge. He parted ways with Bella Fresca, and a long-held vision for a new restaurant – Tejas – slowly began to come to life.

Weston has spent 22 years in the culinary world, developing a cult following and flavors that are all his own.